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Hillary Eats a Burrito Bowl in Peace

Dan Gilmore · Apr. 14, 2015

It was one of those small moments that showed what a politician is really like, away from the red eyes of TV cameras and the burble of crowds. During her van ride across Ohio, Hillary Clinton made a quick pit stop into a Chipotle restaurant for lunch and ordered a chicken burrito bowl. Nobody recognized her. Granted, the politician running some campaign rhetoric about “everyday Americans” didn’t try to stand out or engage with those workers probably rolling tortillas for minimum wage. Her entourage consisted of two aides and two Secret Service agents. When she ordered and carried her food away, Clinton wore dark sunglasses. It wasn’t until later, when a New York Times reporter contacted the restaurant and asked it to review its security tapes, that the employees realized who they served. The Left could label this moment as some kind of Road to Emmaus moment, as the Times describes Hillary as “unassuming” (So humble! See? She eats her burrito bowl just like everybody else!) But campaign season is here. It’s time to shake hands, tip well and kiss babies. There’s a disconnect between what Clinton practices and what she preaches. Her message is only more positioning. More…

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