The Patriot Post® · ISIL Slaughters Palestinians. Where Is the Outcry?

By Jordan Candler ·

Yarmouk, a city located just outside the Syrian capital of Damascus, recently came under heavy attack by Islamic State militants, putting thousands of Palestinians housed in a major refugee camp in the crosshairs. According to Reuters, “Islamic State fighters have largely withdrawn from a Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus after expelling their main rival, several residents and a Palestinian official said on Wednesday.” But ISIL left a bloody massacre in its wake, which raises an interesting question: Where are the Democrat-led protests? On April 6, Israel-based newspaper Haaretz reported that more than “1,000 Palestinians have been killed since Islamic State … took over about 90 percent of the camp in [the] last week.” Casualties apparently only warrant harsh criticism when they are sacrificed as human shields against Israeli self defense. Amazing how the Left treats them as irrelevant otherwise.