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Please Hold While the IRS Ignores Your Call

Dan Gilmore · Apr. 17, 2015

A few days before Income Redistribution Day, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen declared the IRS had once again pulled off a successful heist of the American pocketbook tax season. “The system has worked flawlessly,” he said. (We’re sure Lois Lerner would say the same thing.) But those aren’t the words the Treasury’s inspector general would use to describe the IRS’s ability to pick up a phone. According to a new IG report, before March 7, Americans called the IRS 45.6 million times, but the agency answered the phone just 38.5% of the time. And that was after Americans stayed on the line for an average of 25 minutes. About 10 years ago, The Hill reports, the IRS answered its phones 90% of the time and citizens only needed to wait a few minutes. The U.S. tax code has only grown in complexity, while the IRS doesn’t seem to consider customer service as a metric of success. More…

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