The Patriot Post® · The Fall of Alberta's Conservative Wing Is a Warning for the GOP

By Publius ·

National Review’s John Fund penned an interesting review on this week’s election results in Canada, which featured a starling loss for Alberta’s conservative party.

“Alberta is the Texas of Canada. The province has 3.7 million people and has long been the economic powerhouse of Canada, with its rich energy resources. Like Texas, its politics are staunchly right-wing, with the Progressive Conservatives holding power locally having won twelve straight elections since 1970. But all that came to a crashing halt on Tuesday. Canada’s quasi-socialist New Democratic party (NDP) stunned observers by winning power in Alberta for the first time, capturing 53 out of 87 seats in the provincial parliament. The dramatic fall of the Conservatives — who lost a dramatic 60 seats and will now hold only 10 out of 87 seats — carries real lessons for Canada’s governing conservatives, who must face the voters in a national election in September. It also should be instructive to U.S. conservatives, who should avoid the mistakes Alberta’s Progressive Conservative (PC) party made in splintering its base and raising taxes.” More…