The Patriot Post® · 'Where Do We Draw the Line?'

By Publius ·

Rush Limbaugh made this observation Wednesday regarding the kerfuffle over Garland, Texas, and free speech: “[T]he militant Islamists command us not to draw cartoons or any other kind of picture of the prophet Mohammed, and our Drive-By Media and Democrat Party readily agree, ‘Ain’t no way that should happen! It offends them, and we shouldn’t do it. And when anybody does, and they get shot at, it’s their fault.’ … Well, now, wait a minute. The same militant Islamists who do not permit the drawing of pictures of the prophet Mohammed also do not permit homosexuality and do not permit gay marriage. And we know what their attitudes toward women are. Why don’t we respect those? … You turn on MSNBC or CNN or any other Drive-By Media outlet and all you get is total support for [gay marriage]. Is that not offending our Muslim friends in the viewing audience? Why is there no concern for that? … Where do we draw the line on this?”

That’s a good question.