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VA Sends a Very-Much Alive Veteran Condolences for His Death

Dan Gilmore · May 7, 2015

At least one of us at The Patriot Post knows of a gentleman who says he wakes up every morning and reads the obituaries to make sure he isn’t dead. But Robert Pressley did no such thing. The very-much alive North Carolina veteran has a full head of hair and is able to stand on his own two feet. Nevertheless, Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense recently sent him a letter expressing sympathy for his death and two checks to cover the cost of his burial. Just like that, he no longer received his disability payments, health insurance or VA health care. “To prove that I am alive is just insane and it scares me to death,” Pressley told TV station WECT 6. “That at a touch of a button or because of someone’s clerical error my whole life can be taken away from me and it is.” Referring to the debilitating process of having to cut through the bureaucratic red tape at the VA, he continued, “Gentleman have to wait one, two, three years to get their, to prove and get these, benefits back. I don’t have that time span.” And while Pressley’s case is a dramatic one, there are hundreds of other cases where the good veterans of our country are entangled in, at best, the VA’s clumsy attempt at care. More…

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