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Memorial Day 2015 Immortalized for All the Wrong Reasons

Jordan Candler · May 26, 2015

This past weekend was another violent one for some cities. At last check, shootings claimed nine lives in Freddie Gray’s hometown of Baltimore between Friday and Sunday and another 20 were injured — the culmination of burgeoning racial discord and a degenerated police force. Even before the weekend assaults, a member of the Baltimore Police Department who chose to remain anonymous told CNN that police morale is “in the sewers. It’s down. It’s the worst of the worst I’ve ever seen in my career.” The officer attributed escalating crime to law enforcement personnel who “stop[ped] being proactive” so as to avoid any chance of getting dragged into the Leftmedia’s smear campaign. Meanwhile, in Chicago, where a barrage of shootings claimed nearly 50 victims just last weekend, another 43 residents were victimized over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s a sad sign of the times when, rather than honoring the service and sacrifice of generations of fellow Patriots now-departed, cities like Baltimore and Chicago will remember Memorial Day 2015 for more senseless bloodshed.

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