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Alabama Shows Why the Marriage Debate Won't End With SCOTUS

Jordan Candler · Jun. 3, 2015

The Supreme Court agreed to (re?)define marriage in January, and the justices heard oral arguments in late April. A decision will be announced before the Court adjourns later this month. The ruling will either affirm the status quo or radically change how marriage has traditionally been defined. States like Alabama are taking precautionary measures should the latter scenario play out. David Kumbroch of WHNT News says there is “legislation making its way through the house right now that could get rid of the entire institution of marriage as we know it in Alabama.” He explains, “The bill itself disposes of marriage certificates and replaces them with a contract that you file with the probate judge.” Assuming the bill makes it through the legislature and Gov. Robert Bentley gives it his signature, it would have significant implications should SCOTUS legalize same-sex marriage. As Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw writes, “If the Supreme Court specifically states that ‘marriage licenses’ must be issued, then Alabama has an out on a technicality. But since they will be substituting ‘contracts’ in place of the licenses, the state gets to define who is eligible to enter into such a contract. And their state constitution currently says that only traditional, opposite gender couples could receive one.” Even if Alabama fails to enact the bill, it gives other states an idea worth considering. It’s a smart move — one that ensures the same-sex marriage debate won’t end with the majority vote of nine justices. More…

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