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Clintons Donated to NYT, Paper Endorsed Hillary

Nate Jackson · Jun. 8, 2015

Wonder if The New York Times is giving Hillary Clinton a fair shake? Just kidding; that’s not a serious question. Especially given the latest revelation from The Washington Free Beacon: “A little-known private foundation controlled by Bill and Hillary Clinton donated $100,000 to the New York Times’ charitable fund in 2008, the same year the newspaper’s editorial page endorsed Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary.” The donation came from the Clinton Family Foundation, not to be confused with the Clinton Slush Fund Foundation that’s been in the news. Granted, the payment came after the endorsement, though the Times confirmed that to fellow leftist rag Politico, rather than the Free Beacon. So it could be coincidence, but few things with the Clintons seem to fall in that category. “NO donation to The Neediest Cases Fund has ever had any impact on a Times endorsement,” insisted a Times spokesperson. “Not this one. Not any other one over 100 years. We’re not commenting further.” Meanwhile, Hillary talks a good game about getting money out of politics, but she sure knows how to play the game herself.


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