The Patriot Post® · Baltimore Cops Pay for Mosby's Orders

By Mark Alexander ·

In the Baltimore case, the police who arrested Freddie Gray were actually concentrating on the area where the arrest was made at the request of State Attorney Marilyn Jones Mosby, who is now prosecuting the officers for Gray’s death. Furthermore, Mosby initially claimed the knife in Gray’s possession was not illegal but it turns out it was. Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow said Gray was “arrested well before the arresting officers knew he possessed a knife.” But reasonable suspicion is clearly enough to stop an individual who flees from police in a high-crime area. So police covered an area Mosby ordered them to concentrate on because it was high crime — in fact, police were ordered to begin a daily initiative of arrests at the very corner were Gray was apprehended. And we have a prosecutor who has arrested those police officers for doing what she ordered them to do in an area, by the way, where her husband serves as city councilman. Nothing like conflict of interest.