The Patriot Post® · Clinton's Foreign Policy Record Is a Liability, Not an Asset

By Dan Gilmore ·

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign may claim that she leads the campaign field in the most foreign policy experience, but the former secretary of state will have to defend both Barack Obama’s legacy and her own against attacks from opponents on the Left and Right. Arguably, she was the deciding cabinet member that backed intervening in Libya just enough to topple its leader Moammar Gadhafi thus creating a vacuum in which Islamic State terrorists could fester. While Clinton may claim she was faced with a tough decision, either genocide or a destabilized country, her whole approach to the country was bungled, starting with listening to Sidney Blumenthal’s updates. Through and through, her foreign policy record is suspect. She opposed slapping more sanctions on Iran in 2011, even though the measure passed the Senate unanimously. And when she left her position in Obama’s cabinet, international polls found that world opinion of the U.S. had deteriorated. So much for that reset. Knowing what we know now, her record isn’t much to stand on.