The Patriot Post® · Maryland 'Free-Range' Parents Vindicated

By Nate Jackson ·

The outrageous saga of the battle between Montgomery County, Maryland, Child Protective Services and Danielle and Alexander Meitiv finally took a turn for the better. The Meitivs were harassed by police and CPS for several months over two incidents of their children — gasp — walking home by themselves from a nearby park. In both cases, police picked up the kids, who were walking home with their parents’ permission, and the parents were charged with neglect. They’ve beaten one charge and are waiting for a decision on the second. Well, the Maryland Department of Human Resources has announced a policy change for CPS. “We are not getting into the business of opining on parenting practices or child-rearing philosophies,” said spokeswoman Katherine Morris. “We don’t view that as our role. We see our role as responding when a child is harmed or at a significant risk of harm. It’s all about child safety.” It’s about time. The state agency also said it is “mindful that every family applies its members’ personal upbringing, life experiences and expectations to parenting, and it is not the department’s role to pick and choose among child-rearing philosophies and practices.” The Meitivs are pleased, but say the state could go even further, and the family is still pondering legal action.

Meanwhile, someone should send a memo to the Florida CPS regarding the parents they arrested after a neighbor called the cops because their 11-year-old son played outside. What country do we live in?