The Patriot Post® · Fear and Loathing in Hillary Clinton's State Department

By Dan Gilmore ·

This was the state of accountability and oversight in Hillary Clinton’s State Department: At one point, investigators working with the State Department’s Office of Inspector General started carrying firearms because the people they were investigating started bringing guns into work — in what appears to be a way of intimidating the inspectors. The IG investigators wanted to avoid “a nasty elevator confrontation.” This was just one of the accounts that the inspector general’s office struck from its report into the activities of the State Department during Clinton’s tenure. The sanitized version of the report was published February 2013, but the Washington Examiner got its hands on a draft copy of the report created November 2012. The IG office was going to say senior State officials protected their own from investigation and prosecution. This included ambassadors who allegedly engaged in pedophilia and another who solicited sex from prostitutes while overseas.

But those facts were edited out. And when IG investigators spoke out, they were retaliated against — including a suspicious break in at a lawyer’s office who was representing an IG investigator. Part of the problem is State Department Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy. He was the one that moved to protect some of the ambassadors. He’s also the person signing off on FOIA requests and managing the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails. It’s an example of a morally corrupt organization, and as Investor’s Business Daily’s editorial board points out, it’s the kind of administration we’ll have if Hillary Clinton ever becomes president.