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China's Theft of Federal Employee Data Demands a Response

Dan Gilmore · Jun. 15, 2015

Not only has China scraped up the data from all federal employees past and present, the Office of Personnel Management said it had “a high degree of confidence” that the country has every SF-86 form submitted by any American seeking a security clearance. Former general counsel to the NSA and former National Counterterrorism Center head Matthew Olsen said the data could be used many different ways by the oppressive Chinese regime, “whether it’s [to] blackmail, to recruit, [or] to punish individuals in China who are connected to people in the United States.” As it’s been said before, China has been creating a massive database on American citizens, and it has also hacked into the databases of health insurance companies in the past to gather data. Furthermore, anonymous sources are saying the data theft of federal employees didn’t just affect four million people. Instead, the breach could affect as many as 14 million Americans. In response to impeding U.S. intelligence efforts, cataloging Americans like merchandise and sitting poised to wreak further havoc on our country, let’s hope the U.S. is also matching China’s data collection efforts. In this game of espionage, let’s make it so China also cannot keep secrets. More…

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