The Patriot Post® · Barack, Francis, Hot Air and Social Justice

By Mark Alexander ·

The United Nations is apparently now writing “climate change” encyclicals for the Vatican. On Monday, an Italian magazine leaked a draft copy of Pope Francis’ 191-page address on the topic. Taking a page from the Left’s playbook, the pope insists that curbing global warming is a moral imperative. “Humanity is called on to be aware of the need to change lifestyles, production and consumption,” he says, because the world is filled with a “culture of waste.” We are all for using energy judiciously and curbing waste, but not under the pretense of a UN-Vatican mandate. The encyclical coincides with Obama’s announcement this week of his plans for more climate “executive actions” in order to bypass Congress. Like Obama, the Pope has long advocated for liberation theology, a doctrine similar to that propagated by Obama’s religious mentor, Jeremiah Wright, and other Marxist promoters of “social justice.” Many Catholics in the U.S. take strong exception to the pope acting as a water boy for the UN. Big-government statists at the UN welcome the pope’s statement, as it may assist with the UN’s global climate treaty negotiations at the upcoming Paris summit — a treaty which would be more accurately called a “global economic control” treaty. Obama insists, “If I can encourage and gain commitments from the Chinese to put forward a serious plan to start curbing their greenhouse gases, that then allows us to leverage the entire world.” However, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) made clear that neither he nor his Republican colleagues are drinking Obama’s Kool-Aid: “The Senate is not going to ratify any international climate treaty that continues this trend [centralizing the global economy].”