The Patriot Post® · The 'Gun Problem' in Charleston

By Mark Alexander ·

A white sociopathic racist murdered nine black victims who were attending a Wednesday night prayer service in Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. The murderer, who was out on bond in connection with other criminal charges, has been apprehended. According to Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen, “We believe this is a hate crime; that is how we are investigating it.” (We would suggest all murders are “hate crimes.”) Indeed, the perpetrator targeted his victims based on race and religion. It took Barack Obama almost 12 hours to classify the murders as a “gun problem,” exploiting the blood of innocents as political fodder to advance his political agenda to undermine the Second Amendment. Charleston Mayor Joseph Riley also wasted no time condemning the “gun problem,” protesting, “There are far too many guns out there, and access to guns, it’s far too easy.” While this story is newsworthy, it’s also worth noting that on an average day in America, there are about 40 homicides, and the majority of those are black-on-black. If “black lives matter,” why aren’t thousands of black victims of black assaults at the top of Barack Obama’s agenda and in headlines across the nation? Well, because the Democrats know the loss of those black lives is the direct result of their social polices. Obama, in a press conference Thursday, said, “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” Of course, there are mass murders in other countries (Charlie Hebdo), but less frequent because they have not deliberately institutionalized urban poverty plantations, which have become breeding grounds for a whole subculture of violence. That is the “inconvenient truth” which Obama will never mention. And one more inconvenient truth: According to the CDC, as gun ownership has increased over the last two decades, “The US homicide rate has declined substantially since 1992 from a rate of 9.8 per 100,000 persons to 4.5 in 2013.” Notably, a third of the murders last year did NOT involve firearms.