The Patriot Post® · A New $10 Bill to Become Reality

By Michael Swartz ·

Years ago, when you could actually get change for a dollar at McDonald’s and getting a sawbuck in a birthday card was a huge deal, all of our paper currency was green and looked relatively the same, with the likeness of the president or Founding Father being the one key difference. The image became part of the lingo in some cases, such as “doing it for the Benjamins.” Even as the old greenbacks morphed into paper money with so many colors that it was more suitable for a Monopoly game, we still featured the same old dead white guys on the bills. But that’s about to change.

Politically correct times call for politically correct changes and, over the last few months, social media has driven a call to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a woman. After careful consideration from a public more fascinated by the gender confusion of Bruce Jenner than real issues such as the lack of an economic recovery that makes these bills harder to come by, their preference was to replace Jackson with Harriet Tubman. In doing so, we could achieve a politically correct twofer as both the gender and color barriers would be shattered.

Apparently the Treasury Department heard the call and decided that in 2020 we will see the revamped … $10 bill. But instead of replacing a president who some feel is unworthy of the honor of being on the $20 bill because of his mistreatment of Native Americans and ironic stance against paper money, we are instead eliminating from the currency a man who arguably did as much as any president to give the money its worth. Yet Alexander Hamilton, a key author of The Federalist Papers and defender of our Constitution, was not a Democrat. Andrew Jackson was — even if it wasn’t in the modern-day sense of the Democrat Party. So out goes Hamilton.

One has to wonder, though, what is truly wrong with the currency we have and why the need for change now. The official explanation for including a woman on the $10 bill instead of the $20 is that its redesign is slated to debut in 2020, a year that also commemorates the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote.

But why can’t we take a different course of action? Inflation has eroded the worth of our money to a point where even a $100 bill can’t buy a week’s worth of groceries. And in the annals of our currency is the $500 bill, though it hasn’t been circulated since 1969. That bill exists with the likeness of William McKinley, another president who defended the gold standard. Maybe it’s time to drag the $500 bill out of mothballs and place a woman on that note. After all, who could complain when a woman is featured on the highest denomination bill we have? It sure beats the other idea of putting Hillary Clinton on a wooden nickel.