The Patriot Post® · A Gas Guzzler May Be Greener Than an Electric Car

By Dan Gilmore ·

The National Bureau of Economic Research released a report recently that found electric vehicles do more to harm the environment, on average, than their gasoline counterparts. The electricity to make the cars go has to come somewhere, and it’s most likely to come from a power plant, most likely a coal-fired one. “In monetary terms, electric cars are about half-a-cent worse per mile for the environment than gas-powered cars, on average,” The Washington Examiner reports. “This means that if a government wants to tax a car based on how much it pollutes, electric cars should be taxed half of one cent more per mile driven than gasoline cars.” Instead, the government pours a $7,500 subsidy into every electric vehicle that hits the road. Environmentalists think nothing of regulating society — dictating what we drive, how we wash clothes, where our electricity comes from. But when it comes to the cars of the treasured few, the die-hard environmentalists who exercise their beliefs with their wallets, it all boils down to alleviating their personal scruples, with some “encouragement” through government payouts, of course.