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The Supreme Political Branch

Publius · Jun. 29, 2015

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy hit the nail on the head regarding the Supreme Court’s recent atrocities: “‘But this Court is not a legislature.’ Chief Justice John Roberts actually published that sentence in his same-sex marriage dissent on Friday … a mere 24 hours after his maestro’s performance in the Supreme Court’s legislative rewrite of the Affordable Care Act — formerly known as ‘Obamacare,’ but now etched in memory as ‘SCOTUScare,’ thanks to Justice Antonin Scalia’s withering dissent. Roberts’s denial that the Court legislates is astonishing in its cynicism: In saving SCOTUScare, the chief justice not only usurped Congress’s law-writing role with gusto; he claimed the powers, first, to divine legislative purpose from its contradictory expression in legislative language, and, then, to manufacture legislative ambiguity as the pretext for twisting the language to serve the contrived purpose. It takes a Clintonian quantum of cheek to pull that off one day and, on the next, to inveigh against the very thought of it.” More…

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