The Patriot Post® · State Dragging Its Feet During Clinton Email Release

By Dan Gilmore ·

Last night, the State Department released 3,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s email from when she served as secretary of state. This is the first batch of emails it released in response to a judge ordering the department to place Clinton’s emails in the public record on a rolling basis. Americans will get an email dump every month until the Democrat primary in January. Cue a Hillary headache. Nate Jones, expert in the Freedom of Information Act at the National Security Archive housed at George Washington University, said he would be watching how much information the State Department redacts. “The emails were unclassified, so it will be eyebrow-raising if any more content is retroactively classified by State,” Jones said. “It will be extremely troubling if State wastes its resources to unnecessarily censor ‘deliberative process’ emails which Clinton herself stated she wants released.” Sure enough, the State Department redacted 25 emails because it deemed them classified. It also went ahead and struck the name of a man whose birthday Clinton’s office was celebrating. Last week, the House Select Committee on Benghazi discovered through interviewing Clinton lackey Sidney Blumenthal that Clinton’s staff sanitized the emails before dumping them on State. For all the platitudes, the effort to get the Clinton docs in the public record is all but sincere.