The Patriot Post® · Episcopal Bishops Abandon Bible for Same-Sex Marriage

By Mark Alexander ·

The Episcopal Church, the American branch of the World Anglican Communion, is a regrettable case study of how liberalism has eroded the foundations of our great American heritage. Many Episcopal Church (ECUSA) leaders have abandoned the church’s venerable legacy and forsaken the Almighty’s providence. Liberals in the church endeavor to interpret the Bible eisegetically versus exegetically in order that it comport with their contemporary social agenda rather than its “original intent” — much as Leftists interpret the so-called “living Constitution.” In other words, they reject the authority of the Bible (as outlined in the Episcopal Articles of Faith), much as they reject the authority of our Constitution. The same sad story was on display again this week as ECUSA bishops voted to authorize their clergy to perform same-sex weddings beginning Nov. 1. Conservative bishops insisted on an accommodation for clergy who refuse to do so, which makes such ceremonies unlikely in several dioceses. But the damage is done. ECUSA’s drift away from biblical truth has taken many years. In 2003, the “enlightened” U.S. bishops rebuffed the World Anglican Communion and codified their rejection of Scriptural authority by ordaining Vicky Gene Robinson, the church’s first openly homosexual bishop. Perhaps such is the plight of a church born out of wedlock. In 1534, when the Roman Catholic Church would not grant Henry VIII an annulment from his 25-year marriage to Catherine of Aragon, Henry broke with Rome and instituted the Church of England — which granted his divorce. Short of unfeigned repentance, another divorce, that of the Episcopal Church from the World Anglican Communion, looms just over the horizon.