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Canadian School Denied Accreditation Over 'Discrimination'

Nate Jackson · Jul. 6, 2015

Trinity Western University, a 4,000-student evangelical Protestant college near Vancouver, sought accreditation to open a law school, but has been stymied by Canada’s lack of religious liberty. The Law Society of Upper Canada refused to grant accreditation because the school requires students to sign a covenant foregoing all sex other than that within heterosexual marriage. Naturally, that “discriminates” against not just homosexuals but fornicators, and that’s apparently not acceptable when one is in school to study law. The school argued in court that the covenant governed behavior, not identity, but that also wasn’t good enough. “Individuals who may not believe in marriage, or LGBTQ persons, may attend [Trinity] but they must first sign the community covenant and thus, in essence, disavow not only their beliefs but, in the case of LGBTQ individuals, their very identity,” the court said in upholding the accreditation denial. “To assert that that result is not, at its core, discriminatory is to turn a blind eye to the true impact and effect of the community covenant.” In short, if you want a preview of what’s coming to America after the Supreme Court’s recent decision on same-sex marriage, look to our northern neighbors.

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