The Patriot Post® · VA Sowed Seeds of Scandal

By Nate Jackson ·

Scott Davis, a Veterans Affairs program specialist at the enrollment center in Atlanta, has been blowing the whistle on malpractice by the VA. Davis alleges that much of the massive wait-list problem is self-inflicted because the VA didn’t advise veterans to submit all their paperwork — specifically DD-214 forms, or discharge papers — thereby allowing the agency to blame “lack of paperwork” for delays in providing health care. “This is something that VA was aware of and allowed to happen,” Davis said. “They just chose to ignore it.” Davis is also the one who alerted the nation to the fact that 238,000 veterans had died waiting to be enrolled in VA care. That’s one in three veterans seeking enrollment. Instead of fixing the problem with firings and billions in cash flow, the Obama administration has allowed the VA to descend further into monstrously unaccountable bureaucratic malfeasance.