The Patriot Post® · FDA Delays Mandatory Posting of Calorie Counts

By Dan Gilmore ·

Another mandate, another delay. Thanks to a letter from Congress and, hopefully, a little common sense, the Food and Drug Administration delayed the implementation of an ObamaCare mandate that requires restaurant chains to post calorie counts on their menus. The FDA now says restaurants with more than 20 locations must post their calorie on their menus by December 2016. It’s a bit of a problem to come up with accurate calorie counts for any food that wasn’t created in a cookie-cutter factory. That includes foods like customizable pizzas, or foods made in a grocery store. Research fellow at the Heritage Foundation Daren Bakst said of the calorie posting regulation, “They went way overboard. They created a problem for themselves and they created a problem for businesses that really had no business being regulated in the first place.” At least in the short term, the FDA realizes that this mandate of ObamaCare doesn’t work in the real world.