The Patriot Post® · Obama's Clean Power Plan Targets Coal Industry

By Dan Gilmore ·

And just like that, the Obama administration assumes the kind of power that controls whole segments of the U.S. economy. Again. The Clean Power Plan will more than decimate the coal industry, as an American Action Forum report finds that this regulation will close 66 power plants, destroy 125,800 jobs and slash the coal industry by 48% by 2030. You’d think Americans would want some kind of input through Congress on a government decree of that scope, but that’s the creep of regulation for you. Already, the coal industry has lost 47,500 jobs since the beginning of Obama’s term. “These troubling figures are also static, one-time snapshots at industry employment,” writes AAF Director of Regulatory Policy Sam Batkins. “They hardly capture the true economic costs to the region and the local community of losing so many jobs so quickly. The PricewaterhouseCoopers study implying that one energy job supports 3.7 additional jobs hints at the total economic damage, but remaking an entire industry in one administration is no small feat.” But, to Obama, those union jobs are just collateral damage on his way to appease the envirofascists.