The Patriot Post® · The Leftmedia Obsession With 'Gunmen'

By Dan Gilmore ·

Whether it’s intentional or not (and we think it is), this is how the Leftmedia shapes perception of weapons and shooting sports: “Gunman Killed at Tennessee Movie Theater Had Hatchet and Fake Bomb, Police Say,” reads the headline emblazoned across ABC’s coverage of the attack at a Tennessee movie theater Wednesday. Vincente Montano, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, had been committed four times over the last 11 years. At an afternoon viewing of “Max Max: Fury Road,” Montano attacked three audience members with pepper spray. He also wounded one with a hatchet. Two police officers, who were investigating an automobile accident nearby, responded to the incident. That’s when Montano pulled out an “air gun.” As ABC reported, “It was not clear if the gunman got off any shots, according to the chief. Earlier, police said that he fired at the first responding officer.” SWAT was called in, and Montano was killed, according to The Tennessean. The airsoft pistol was a toy, though police were fully justified in their response. His real weapon was a chemical that can be bought online or most hardware stores — no background check needed. Airsoft matches are enjoyed by thousands worldwide. Yet the Leftmedia can’t resist the allure of another “gunman” story. Keep it up, and someone will think there oughta be a law