The Patriot Post® · Ferguson Hair Salon Vandalized for Second Time

By Dan Gilmore ·

For the second time in a year, the 911 Hair Salon in Ferguson was vandalized during the nights of violence that came after the death of Michael Brown. After the first time, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition helped the salon’s owner, Dellena Jones, get her business up and hairdryers running again. With the vandalism and decline of patrons visiting her shop, Jones has lost about $73,000 in the riots she calls “selfish.” Jones told The Daily Signal, “It’s just amazing to me. The biggest chant is ‘Black lives matter.’ So many black lives are being affected by this in such a big way. I’m an African-American, I’m a single parent. I have two kids. I’m affected by this. It’s almost a little bit contradictory with the chants of ‘Black lives matter,’ but it seems that it’s only some black lives matter.” The night after she was vandalized a second time, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition helped her find four men to guard her store. First, it’s encouraging to see a group of conservatives investing into the community of Ferguson in an effort to rebuilt it. Secondly, while the protests were dramatic, they did more to destroy a community than advance any political cause that arose over the death of Brown.