The Patriot Post® · Krauthammer: Iran Self-Inspections Are 'Scandalous'

By Publius ·

Political analyst Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the revelation that a secret deal allows Iran to inspect its own nuclear facilities: “This is truly shocking. We’re talking about the Parchin facility, which the Iranians have said will never be inspected and that we have said had to be inspected because of the thought, sort of the suspicion, everywhere that Parchin was used for Iran to test nuclear detonation devices. This is extremely serious stuff. … Now know why the administration kept it secret. They kept it secret because nobody can believe that the inspection will be carried out by Iran itself. it would supply the inspectors, it’ll will do the photography, it will do the sampling. So, the administration now says, in its defense, ‘Well, this is routine of the IAEA.’ It is not. Oili Heinonen, the deputy director of IAEA for five years in charge of inspections, has said that he can think of no instance in which a regime was allowed to inspect itself. And Obama had said in April, this deal is not based on trust, it’s based on unprecedented verification. … When you see this kind of naïveté and this kind of capitulation you have to say to yourself the administration orders were a deal no matter what. The idea that if you oppose this you favor war I think is preposterous. This is actually quite scandalous.”