The Patriot Post® · Bobby Jindal Wins This Week's Social Media Debate

By Dan Gilmore ·

The skirmish began Wednesday when presidential candidate Jeb Bush said the U.S. needs more enforcement against the practice of “anchor babies.” To that, Clinton tweeted, “They’re called babies” in a bold display of hashtag debate. When asked if he thought the term offensive, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal told Fox News Thursday, “What I find offensive is Hillary Clinton, the Left, when you look at those Planned Parenthood videos — they refuse to call them babies, they call it fetal tissue, they call them specimens. That’s what offensive.” Jindal has generated some controversy in his state because he defunded Planned Parenthood at the beginning of August. When PP supporters showed up at his gubernatorial mansion to protest the decision Aug. 20, Jindal had another headline-grabbing event in store. While the protesters arrived in their pink shirts and signs, Jindal set up a loudspeaker and screen and aired the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress to explain why he signed that executive order. The protesters stayed their distance, lest they watch the footage.