The Patriot Post® · Clinton's Secret Server Had a Secret IT Guy

By Dan Gilmore ·

Turns out, once a Clinton lackey, always a Clinton lackey. IT specialist Bryan Pagliano was paid by the Clintons to run Hillary’s secret email server while she headed the State Department, Clinton’s campaign admitted last week. Pagliano worked on Hillary’s failed 2008 presidential campaign and then moved over to the State Department. But he never stopped getting paid by the Clintons. According to the Post, Pagliano disclosed to State in April 2009 that the Clintons paid him $5,000 for his tech expertise. But for some reason, Pagliano then quit reporting his Clinton income. Was it just a matter of convenience, to avoid awkward questions? Or, as Ed Morrissey wonders, was it something more sinister, like a bribe to keep the email server secret? When three congressional committees asked Pagliano to the Hill to testify about the server last week, Pagliano declined, invoking the Fifth Amendment. Some members of Congress indicated that they might grant Pagliano immunity if he testifies against his former employers, which indicates there are bigger fish to fry, namely fish of the Slimis Clintonus variety.