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San Francisco School Makes All Bathrooms Gender Neutral

"This is organized insanity."

Dan Gilmore · Sep. 8, 2015
Photo courtesy Jeffrey Beall, Flickr

There’s nothing wrong with single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms, per se, but the problems come when schools declare all their facilities “gender neutral” spaces in the name of transgender rights. Miraloma Elementary in San Francisco stripped the gender segregation from its bathrooms that service its students in Kindergarten and first grade. The school’s principal, Sam Bass, told the San Francisco Chronicle that the school of about 300 youngsters made the change to accommodate six to eight students who, in the words of the report, “don’t fit traditional gender norms.” Instead of respecting the privacy of all students, the school’s administration is imposing an ideology on a group of students at a stage where some of them are still struggling to stay potty trained. As Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw notes, there is a difference between what transgender activists want and what is considered discrimination. “If a school told a gender confused student that they needed to go do their business in an outhouse they dug behind the school, that would be discrimination. If they are offered a bathroom (even a separate "gender neutral” one) which has commodes and sinks and showers and the same facilities as everyone else, then they are already bending over backwards to accommodate you. Let’s just knock it off. This is organized insanity.“

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