The Patriot Post® · Jindal: Trump's a 'Narcissist and an Egomaniac'

By Publius ·

Bobby Jindal, Louisiana governor and Republican presidential candidate, lowered the boom on Donald Trump. Here’s just a sampling of his bruising and very accurate remarks:

> Donald Trump is a narcissist and an egomaniac. That may sound like a serious charge to make, but it is also something that everyone knows to be true, and he knows it too, and he celebrates it. … He may be an entertaining narcissist, but he is one nonetheless.

> Like all narcissists, Donald Trump is insecure and weak, and afraid of being exposed. And that’s why he is constantly telling us how big and how rich and how great he is, and how insignificant everyone else is. We’ve all met people like Trump, and we know that only a very weak and small person needs to constantly tell us how strong and powerful he is. Donald Trump believes that he is the answer to every question…

> The conservative cause deserves more than a power-hungry shark who eats whatever is in front of him … because sooner or later, we will be his next meal.

> …

> You may have recently seen that after Trump said the Bible is his favorite book, he couldn’t name a single Bible verse or passage that meant something to him. And we all know why, because it’s all just a show, and he hasn’t ever read the Bible. But you know why he hasn’t read the Bible? Because he’s not in it.

> …

> This is our moment. This is our time. We can win right now, or we can be the biggest fools of all time and put our faith not in our principles, but in one egomaniacal madman who has no principles.

Jindal is absolutely right. And, while he isn’t the perfect candidate, we here in our humble shop find it a crying shame that Jindal is stuck in single digit polling while Trump leads the field.