The Patriot Post® · The Trouble With Syrian Refugees

By Nate Jackson ·

Last week, we noted that Barack Obama had opened another jihadi pipeline into the U.S. by accepting at least 10,000 Syrian refugees. There is essentially no process for vetting those refugees to determine if they are, in fact, seeking asylum versus aiming to perpetrate terrorist attacks on our soil. Citizenship and Immigration Services is struggling to process the 1,000 Syrians already seeking entry this year, never mind another 10,000. But don’t worry; Reuters says the Department of Homeland Security is “developing a plan.” Immigration is a tough enough issue without a haphazard effort to usher in tens of thousands of people from a region full of our enemies. As it stands, since 2009 some 750,000 people from predominantly Muslim nations have settled in the U.S. That provides great opportunity for assimilation for most, but it also presents a clear and present danger from a few. With the increase of jihadi attacks inspired by the Islamic State, even a handful of would-be terrorists among the thousands legitimately seeking refuge could endanger American lives. And even assimilation is questionable, given how many Muslims would prefer to live under Sharia law rather than our Constitution.