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IG: ObamaCare Website Failure of Oversight

Surprise! The government did a poor job managing itself.

Dan Gilmore · Sep. 16, 2015
Photo courtesy Tom Woodward, Flickr

Centralize essential services to the government, and you’re going to have problems. Who oversees the operation when government is in charge? ObamaCare ran into this problem, as the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services released a report this month detailing why the federal exchange didn’t work when it was first rolled out. The IG’s report summed up its findings: “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services did not always manage and oversee Federal marketplace contracts in accordance with Federal acquisition regulations and the Department of Health and Human Services policy.” The effect, according to Bloomberg Business, was that the $600 million that went to building the federal exchange was inappropriately managed. Federal employees didn’t receive proper training in how to manage contracts with IT firms. This resulted in wasted time, delays and the delivery of a website pieced together with duct tape and bailing wire. Basically, the government did a poor job managing itself as it tried to run a massive public service. Where have we heard this story before? Hey, weren’t those employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs supposed to be fired by now?

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