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More Than 90% of Data Fed to Climate Models Falsified

Science deniers everywhere.

Jordan Candler · Sep. 28, 2015

Climate models don’t have a glowing verification record. In fact, an analysis last year by Dr. Roy Spencer found that 95% of climate models are wrong. And why shouldn’t they be? Most of the data used in model calibration is erroneous to begin with. NOAA is fraudulently adjusting U.S. temperatures records to inflate global warming, the latest revelation of which comes courtesy of John Goetz. Writing in Watts Up With That?, Goetz explains just how much data tampering is being orchestrated by NOAA (other governments manipulate temperatures too) and why that’s important:

“USHCN [U.S. Historical Climatological Network] contributes a disproportionate amount of data to the GHCN [Global Historical Climatology Network] data set. … The US accounts for 6.62% of the land area on Earth, but accounts for 39% of the data in the GHCN network. Overall, from 1880 to the present, approximately 99% of the temperature data in the USHCN homogenized output has been estimated (differs from the original raw data). Approximately 92% of the temperature data in the USHCN TOB [time-of-observation] output has been estimated. The GHCN adjustment models estimate approximately 92% of the US temperatures, but those estimates do not match either the USHCN TOB or homogenized estimates. The homogenization estimate introduces a positive temperature trend of approximately 0.34 C per century relative to the USHCN raw data. The TOBs estimate introduces a positive temperature trend of approximately 0.16 C per century.”

Furthermore, meteorologist Anthony Watts points out, “[T]he U.S. Climate Reference Network, designed from the start to be free of the need for ANY adjustment of data, does not show any trend… Of course Tom Karl and Tom Peterson of NOAA/NCDC (now NCEI) never let this USCRN data see the light of day in a public press release or a State of the Climate report for media consumption, it is relegated to a backroom of their website mission and never mentioned.” Yet we’re the deniers?

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