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Students Aim to Censor Paper Critical of Black Lives Matter

The students demonstrated their liberal thought is more fascist than tolerant.

Dan Gilmore · Sep. 28, 2015
Image courtesy The Wesleyan Argus, Facebook

It’s a controversy so outrageous that liberal publications like New Republic and Gawker have come down against a group of students at Wesleyan University seeking to muzzle their student newspaper. Earlier in the month, the Argus, one of the oldest student newspapers in the country, published an op-ed critical of the Black Lives Matter protests. “If vilification and denigration of the police force continues to be a significant portion of Black Lives Matter’s message, then I will not support the movement, I cannot support the movement,” the student journalist Bryan Stascavage wrote. He finished his piece by writing, “At what point will Black Lives Matter go back to the drawing table and rethink how they are approaching the problem?” Such an opinion wasn’t to be tolerated at the place Gawker called “the dictionary representation of ‘Stereotypical Ultraliberal Private University,’” so about 170 students signed a petition asking the administration to defund the paper. Furthermore, the activists demanded that the paper give its staff “Social Justice/Diversity training” once per semester and feature, on the front page, a section for “marginalized groups/voices.” In doing so, the students demonstrated their liberal thought is more fascist than tolerant. The Region 3 Director for the Society of Professional Journalists Michael Koretzky made an offer last week to Wesleyans’ Black Lives Matter protesters: If they really wanted a diverse space for minority opinion as they claimed, he would help them start their own student newspaper. He has yet to hear back.

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