Right Hooks

Courage Under Fire

Chris Mintz ran toward the shooting to help the victims.

Nate Jackson · Oct. 2, 2015

Chris Mintz, a 30-year-old student and Army veteran, is recovering from being shot seven times in Thursday’s murderous rampage in Oregon. But Mintz was shot while trying to save others. ABC News reports he ran toward the fray, not away from it. “He ran to the library and pulled the alarms and he was telling people to run, grabbing people, telling them, ‘You just have to go,’” witness Hannah Miles said. “He actually ran back towards the building where the shooting was and he ran back into the building and I don’t know what happened to him.” Mintz temporarily blocked the door until being shot three times. As he lay wounded, he pleaded, “It’s my son’s birthday, it’s my son’s birthday.” The killer responded by shooting him again. Both of Mintz’s legs were broken and he has a long recovery process ahead — but he will recover. And his bravery and heroism in the face of evil and chaos is a bright spot on an otherwise terrible day.

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