The Patriot Post® · Unions Oppose Baucus Health Bill


Though Democrats are excited about Montana Sen. Max Baucus’s health care takeover bill passing the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday, one of their constituency groups is not so pleased. The Associated Press reports:

About 30 unions will run a full-page ad in newspapers Wednesday announcing their opposition to the Senate Finance Committee’s health overhaul bill, a top labor lobbyist said.
The ad will state that unions will oppose the measure on the Senate floor unless improvements are made, according to Chuck Loveless, legislative director of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.
The ad will state, “Real health care reform and nothing less,” Loveless said.
Labor has been a major Democratic ally in the health care debate but is unhappy the legislation lacks a publicly run insurance plan and would tax expensive policies in an effort to drive down costs. Officials also want it to prevent insurance companies from refusing to cover some people and to force employers to cover their workers.

Who knew that unions would be opposed to having Congress mess with their benefits? Of course, the unions aren’t exactly looking for a constitutional, free-market solution here, either. But at least they know a big tax when they see one.