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Remember Kasich? He Made a Stand for Increased Green Regs

He seems to be appealing to the adherents of cronyism.

Dan Gilmore · Oct. 6, 2015
Kasich and Ohio Industrial Commission chair Jodie Taylor. Photo courtesy Ohio Industrial Commission.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich seems to have had a change of heart. Last year, he signed a bill that froze his state’s implementation of environmental regulations that would mandate energy efficiency levels and alternative ways to generate electricity. A stand for less regulation, right? When the legislature sought to keep those regulations frozen forever, Kasich said the idea was “unacceptable.” You’d think Kasich — who, believe it or not, is running for president — would try to do something that would cater to the conservative base by demonstrating his belief in conservative values. Instead, he seems to be appealing to the adherents of cronyism. When he originally froze the green regulations, Kasich established the “Energy Mandates Study Committee.” And while the committee recommended keeping the regulations frozen, Kasich is listening to the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum, a RINO group calling for increasing green regulations, because, to that group, increasing regs somehow promotes the idea of Liberty. Furthermore, as Fox News reports, the forum is made up of Kasich supporters, people who Kasich appointed to government positions or invited to work on his presidential campaign. So how is the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum not like the Clinton Foundation? We can add Kasich’s stance on green regulations to his background of circumventing the Ohio legislature to increase Medicaid, his support of Common Core and his general arrogant, manipulative and condescending personality. As Jazz Shaw writes, “This is the conservative platform that John Kasich is bringing to Ohio? And is that what we can expect for the entire nation if he’s elected president?”

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