The Patriot Post® · Clinton's 'Pivot' Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership

By Dan Gilmore ·

It’s a well-known fact that Hillary Clinton flip-flops on the issues. She was against same-sex marriage before she was for it. She supported her husband’s tough-on-crime policies before she said they damaged the nation. Sure, some of her changes can be chalked up to time and more information. But that narrative doesn’t fit Clinton’s recent stance against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. “Based on what I know so far, I can’t support this agreement,” Clinton said in a statement Wednesday, implying that TPP would reduce the number of jobs in the nation. Based on what she knows? Of all the people in the nation, Clinton should know the most about TPP. After all, she was the person that negotiated the deal she once called the “gold standard” for trade deals. When she was secretary of state, Clinton publicly lobbied for the partnership 45 times. It was part of her “pivot to the Asia Pacific.” She told Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida in January 2013 the TPP “holds out great economic opportunities to all participating nations.” The Trans-Pacific Partnership isn’t just empty words for Clinton or some kind of theory of what might be a future solution to a current problem. She invested herself into the partnership, presumably giving a part of herself to the diplomatic process. Yet she’s willing to throw that all away to cater to progressive voters (read: unions) ahead of next week’s first Democrat debate.