The Patriot Post® · Clinton Lackey Held Job While Working at State Department

By Dan Gilmore ·

We wonder if Cheryl Mills ever mixed up whose negotiating she was doing. Mills, a Clinton lackey since the time the couple controlled the White House, kept an “unusual” arrangement while she was working in Hillary Clinton’s State Department. While she worked alongside Clinton as her chief of staff, she also held down a job at New York University. As part of her job, Mills — get this — negotiated with officials in Abu Dhabi regarding a campus the university was trying to build there. Later on in Clinton’s tenure as secretary, Mills went to work for the Clinton Foundation. “Our government anticipates that there will be occasions where people are working outside, so they are earning outside income and doing other things,” Mills told the Washington Post. “What they do is have a framework for how you actually need to follow those rules. That’s certainly something I try to do.” And while the arrangement doesn’t seem to break any ethic codes on the surface, it is suspect that a State Department official would negotiate with a foreign government on the side. At least there were no state secrets exchanged. At every turn, Clinton seems to blend public and private affairs, something that’s a close cousin to corruption. As Hot Air’s Allahpundit notes, “Assuming Hillary wins next November, [Mills is] quite likely to be the next White House chief of staff.”