The Patriot Post® · Clinton 'Transparent' With Name of CIA Source

By Dan Gilmore ·

During last night’s Democrat presidential debate, Hillary Clinton said of her emails, “I’ve been as transparent as I know to be.” She’s got that right. Her emails were so unsecure and transparent that security experts said a low-skilled hacker could have defeated her security measures. The server was set up so that Clinton could access its information remotely, which opened the server to prying eyes. She used software notorious for vulnerabilities and she did not use a method of communicating with the server that protected against eavesdropping. Hey, didn’t Clinton say she set up the server for “convenience”?

It is fair to assume that both the Chinese and Russians were looking at Clinton’s unsecured email traffic in real time. No doubt they picked up some of the most hallowed information the U.S. government protects. On March 18, 2011, Clinton forwarded an email to her aides containing the name of a member of the CIA working in Libya. “Even inside CIA, in internal emails or cables, or even conversations you never mention, you never talk about the true name of a human source,” said CIA veteran John Rizzo. “You use a pseudonym. I mean, honestly, it was quite stunning.” Rizzo continued, “If this is a foreign-based source, living in Libya let’s say … you get outed as a CIA source over there, you’re a dead man. So it couldn’t be more serious.”

Last weekend, Barack Obama declared, “I can tell you that [Clinton’s unsecured email server] is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.” His minions are now walking that assertion back. Fact is, the greatest threat to America’s national security has been, and remains — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.