The Patriot Post® · Obama Golfs While the World Burns

By Publius ·

Thanks to Judicial Watch, we know how much money Barack Obama is burning through on the golf course. “[R]ecords from the U.S. Department of the Air Force [reveal] that Barack Obama’s February and March 2015 travel for golf vacations and fundraisers totaled $4,436,245.50 in taxpayer-funded transportation expenses,” Judicial Watch reports. A trip to Chicago during that period cost taxpayers $619,011.00 for transportation alone. And while it was billed by the White House as “non political,” Obama was there to support his old chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s re-election bid as Chicago mayor. Far worse, “Transportation for Obama’s March 2015 fundraising trip to Los Angeles cost taxpayers $1,980,835.20,” Judicial Watch notes — a trip that “was solely to raise money for the Democratic National Committee and to show his support for fellow Democrats nationwide.” As Mark Alexander [wrote two years ago], “For all [Obama’s] references to ‘fat cats,’ it turns out the fattest cats of all now occupy the White House, and much like their record accumulation of national debt, their unmitigated arrogance and bloated hypocrisy exceeds all that of previous executive administrations combined.”