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So, Drone Registration Is Coming

It won't do anything to deter enterprising Islamists.

Mark Alexander · Oct. 20, 2015

New technology brings … old rules. The Washington Post reports, “Federal regulators said Monday that they will require recreational drone users to register their aircraft with the government for the first time in an attempt to track rogue flying robots that are increasingly posing a threat to aviation safety.” So, drone registration is coming, primarily to identify recreational flyers who are encroaching on FAA airspace and protected federal facilities. I would fully support restrictions for flying drones over private property — and those regulations are already being implemented by municipalities. However, drone registration will do nothing to deter some group of enterprising Islamists from delivering payloads of unpleasantries into crowds of people gathered in stadiums, concerts, street venues, etc… Drone’s are inexpensive, payloads are increasing and modification is easy to accomplish — just in case you needed something else to worry about…

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