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The Wages of Clinton's Hypocrisy

She'll run on her legacy, Hillary Clinton told us.

Dan Gilmore · Oct. 20, 2015

She’ll run on her legacy, Hillary Clinton told us. Just look at her record. Oh, we have, and it’s in tatters. Clinton has pointed to her supposed legacy of helping women and children as proof that she would be a good leader of this country. And to that end, she vowed to attack the gender pay gap, which she and other Democrats regularly over-inflate. (It’s generally not inequality of pay, it’s inequality of time in the workforce. But facts don’t matter to the Left when they’ve got a “war on women” to yammer about.) Yet hypocrisy also abounds. According to data at the Office of Personnel Management, the State Department during Clinton’s leadership paid male civilian employees, on average, $16,416 more per year than it did women. This was at a time when the gender pay gap across the federal government was only $7,911 for civilian employees. Clinton must have been too busy deleting emails to worry about petty things like the “progressive” ideal of equality. Dig further into Clinton’s salary policies and you’ll find wage inequality as part of Clinton’s modus operandi. When she was a senator, women employees on her staff received 72 cents on every male employee’s dollar. Even in her current campaign, women earn 88 cents for every dollar a male staffer earns. Clinton is not a champion for women when she can’t even practice what she preaches.

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