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Clinton Changes Position on VA Scandal

Clinton expects to do better?

Dan Gilmore · Oct. 30, 2015
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Well that was fast. Last week, Hillary Clinton said the scandal of bureaucratic health care at the Department of Veterans Affairs has “not been as widespread as it has been made out to be.” This week, she walked back those comments — and for good reason. The VA’s inspector general released three reports this week on three facilities. Among the findings: inadequate suicide prevention training in Alaska, delayed care that led to the death of a veteran in Los Angeles, and mismanagement in Illinois. In a statement to the Leftmedia, Clinton’s Press Secretary Brian Fallon said Clinton “will work to further reform the VA to make sure it truly works for our veterans, and will demand accountability and performance from VA leadership.” As if the Obama administration and Congress and a new VA head refused to act. When Robert McDonald took his position as head of the VA in July 2014, the former CEO of Proctor & Gamble was expected to run the shop like a private enterprise. Months later, nothing has changed. Clinton — the embodiment of cronyism and pay-to-play politics — expects to do better?

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