The Patriot Post® · Thousands of Demo Voters Released From Prison

By Nate Jackson ·

A month ago, we reported that Barack Obama’s Justice Department was making plans to release 6,000 “nonviolent” federal prisoners in what is essentially one of the largest jailbreaks in U.S. history. That release happened over the weekend. The vast majority were incarcerated for drug offenses (not just marijuana), and as Gary Bauer writes, “20% of the 6,000 offenders just released were also in jail for illegal firearms possession while committing drug offenses.” So much for gun control and background checks. Word is the administration is considering another 8,500 prisoners for release next year. And you thought Bill Clinton issued a lot of pardons on the way out of office.

According to The New York Times, “The releases result from decisions last year by the [United States Sentencing Commission], an independent body that sets guideline ranges for federal sentences. Until 2005, those guidelines were mandatory; now they are advisory, but remain a starting point for judges.”

Meanwhile, Paul Sperry of Investor’s Business Daily reports, “Internal government documents I’ve obtained show that the administration figures as many as 43% may re-offend within five years of release. The recidivism rate might be even higher than that, prison officials warn, because the administration hasn’t provided probation officers the resources to properly supervise the waves of inmates it’s releasing prematurely.”

A third of the released prisoners are illegal aliens that will be deported (he promises!). But many of the other 4,000 will create more headaches for victims of crime and more work for police. Speaking of police, crime is on the rise this year, and many blame Obama’s racist police rhetoric for the spike. Great time to release 6,000 criminals. As we’ve said before, we understand the need for real prison and sentencing reform, and some of these 6,000 are probably worthy of freedom. But releasing a bunch of prisoners could come back and bite Obama just like Willie Horton did for Michael Dukakis.