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SCOTUS to Hear Religious Liberty Challenges to O'Care

ObamaCare gives you "peace of mind," he says.

Dan Gilmore · Nov. 9, 2015
Pope Francis meets with Little Sisters of the Poor during his visit to Washington, DC. Photo courtesy Little Sisters of the Poor

In his weekly address Saturday, Barack Obama lobbied the American people to take advantage of this year’s ObamaCare open enrollment period. “That’s the whole point of health insurance,” Obama said. “Peace of mind.” Yes, nothing says peace of mind like spiking premium rates, shuttering co-ops and standing up to Caesar just so you can follow your religious beliefs. To the latter point, the Supreme Court agreed Thursday to hear seven cases regarding ObamaCare’s contraception mandate. Among the organizations suing the government is Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of nuns who argue that the government’s order to make its employees get contraception coverage from a third-party source — the government’s suggested workaround — still compels the organization to involve itself in the business of abortion-inducing drugs. History is behind Little Sisters, as the Court ruled last year that Hobby Lobby, a privately owned business, did not have to provide health care coverage that violated the owners’ religious beliefs. SCOTUS will probably hear the newest challenge to ObamaCare in early spring. By that time, it may be Obama who won’t have “peace of mind” about the structural strength of his signature legislation.

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