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Obama Buries the Keystone Pipeline for Good

Just in time for his appearance with his fellow ecofascists in Paris.

Robin Smith · Nov. 9, 2015

America has a president whose priority is clearly to accomplish his political agenda rather than furthering our nation’s sovereign interests and economic health. On Friday, Barack Obama announced his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline’s construction — just in time for his appearance with his fellow ecofascists at the December climate conference in Paris. He marches on in his calculated effort to destroy the fossil fuel industry, with a direct byproduct of killing jobs and harming our economy.

Currently running on television is an advertisement for a gasoline company, Marathon Oil. The little-noticed song sung as a vehicle passes a highway sign reading “Independence” cheerfully begins by singing, “With a tank full of freedom…” No wonder Obama’s opposed.

The new Democrats, led by radical-in-chief Obama, refuse to view reasonably priced energy as a necessary ingredient to individual prosperity and equal opportunity. Instead, the hardliner Left has declared war on anything except energy produced by solar, wind and possibly hydroelectric sources — even though current technology on those fronts is totally insufficient for our energy needs.

The opportunity to construct a 1,179-mile pipeline carrying Canadian shale oil to Gulf Coast refineries has been halted by a man and his militant ideologues. It will cost jobs and prevent wealth, all while the arguments Obama and his NeoCom cadres make are completely specious.

Remember: The long-term legacy of Obama has been to enforce the religion of man-made climate change and to disrupt America’s energy market in service to that dogma. During his 2008 campaign, he promised that his policies would make the cost of energy “necessarily skyrocket.” Through the Democrats’ war on coal and the ridiculous EPA Clean Power Plan, the Left’s economically destructive effort moves forward. Yet Americans are so resilient that oil companies have forged ahead with drilling on private lands and, as a result, oil and gasoline prices are quite low.

The Keystone pipeline would have created 42,000 jobs during construction. The Left’s shrill cry was that these jobs were temporary.

But, all construction jobs are temporary, and that sure didn’t stop Obama’s incessant refrain of “shovel ready” construction jobs brought about by his phony “stimulus.” And only to a leftist are these construction jobs a bad thing during a time of historically low labor force participation rates.

Furthermore, the capacity of the pipeline would carry up to 830,000 barrels per day of the “dirty” oil transported from our stable trading partner to the north, Canada, to existing U.S. refineries along the Gulf Coast. Obama has idiotically hampered a partnership with a friendly trading ally — with no ties to terrorism — on our own continent.

Even his own former secretary of energy, Stephen Chu, got it right: “The decision on whether the construction should happen was a political one and not a scientific one.”

On top of that, Obama’s Department of State Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs published in its January 2014 executive summary that the transport of the fuel via pipeline (as opposed to the other most common method of rail) poses a minimal environmental risk to wildlife, water and wetlands, soil and vegetation.

And the State Department, studying incidents between 2002 and 2012 on the already existing 500,000 miles of crude oil and petroleum gas pipeline, said, “Most spills are small.” How small? Some 79% of incidents involved “a spill of up to 2,100 gallons” or about 40% of one — yes, that’s 1 — single tanker or semi-trailer behind a truck on the interstate. Only 4% of incidents with existing pipelines involved more than 42,000 gallons, or just over the capacity of five tanks pulled behind semi-trucks.

Contrast that with the EPA-caused disaster in Colorado — the one where it dumped three million gallons of toxic sludge into a U.S. river.

The Keystone XL pipeline is the safest method to transport crude oil, and the alarmist cries ring hollow. But never mind those facts when the priority of this unmitigated disaster of a president is to show the world his commitment to combatting the ever-changing climate.

A question: When is your business next as a target of a fascist government that declares your business doesn’t serve the global purposes of its political agenda?

In New York, Exxon Mobil is being criminally investigated by the state attorney general for allegedly “misleading” the public and investors about climate change. The aim appears to be to bleed the world’s biggest oil company dry in payouts reminiscent of the hundreds of millions paid by tobacco companies to state governments.

Translation: Comply and consent to the leftist agenda or pay.

By the way, you union leaders who live like fat ticks off the backs of your hard-working laborers, how do you feel being rejected by the guy who claims to be for the worker? Yeah, the exact words of your union-friendly president were, “America’s now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change.” Jobs? Pfft.

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