The Patriot Post® · What to Watch for in the Fourth GOP Debate

By Dan Gilmore ·

Here’s to tonight’s Republican presidential debate being more about economic policy than a poorly moderated cage fight designed for the entertainment of low-info voters. This debate — hosted by Fox Business Network and starting at 9 pm ET — will attempt to keep focus on issues such as Social Security, spending and taxes. Republicans are supposed to be the fiscally responsible party, after all. “We are a business network,” said Neil Cavuto, Fox Business’ managing editor for business news and one of the moderators of tonight’s debate. “We really don’t focus on the red or the blue. We are just green. Money in and money out.”

If Fox Business sticks to its issues, then citizens will be served, as real policy will be debated. The past three debates this election cycle have turned into entertainment events rivaling American Idol. The focus on policy may change the landscape. Ben Carson could struggle, as he doesn’t have a tax plan yet. After his limp performance last debate, Jeb Bush’s campaign is thrashing for traction, as evidenced by the candidate’s attacks against Marco Rubio. Meanwhile, Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Mike Huckabee will not join the rest of the candidates on stage because they lagged too far behind in the polls. One thing we’re hopeful for: The first question not being “What is your biggest weakness and what are you doing to address it?”